Call for Pre-Proposals to Host ICPP

ICPP is the oldest conference on parallel computing with the 1st ICPP being held in 1972 and the most recent 50th ICPP being held virtually in August 2021.
The steering committee invites pre-proposals to host ICPP 2023 or ICPP 2024. Following ICPP's traditional Western Hemisphere - Eastern Hemisphere (Asia/Australia/New Zealand) - Western Hemisphere - Eastern Hemisphere (Europe/Africa) rotation, we anticipate selecting a bid from North America for ICPP 2023 and Asia/Australia/New Zealand for ICPP 2024. However, this traditional rotation is not strict, thus proposals from other locations will be considered without any bias.
Pre-proposals consist of the following two PowerPoint slides:
  1. Proposed location
  2. Proposed key organizers, e.g., general chair(s), program chair(s)
For the selection process, the following include a subset of the steering committee’s considerations: Pre-proposals are due to Wu Feng by December 1, 2021.
The intent is to accept a single pre-proposal, which is then invited to submit a full proposal. (The steering committee does reserve the right to invite multiple pre-proposals to submit full proposals.)
Full proposals will be presented at a regular steering committee meeting in early 2022, after which a formal vote by the steering committee will decide if the proposal is accepted.